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Health and safety of our members and employees are top priority. We have implemented additional measures to ensure we can provide you with a safe and positive experience. These Reopening Policies apply to all members and employees of Jukebox and in addition to the terms of your membership agreement. Reopening Policies may be modified or added at Jukebox’s sole discretion. All policies subject to change per local regulations and guidelines.

In accordance with New York State and CDC guidelines, Jukebox has implemented a number of safety measures, including, but not limited to, the following:

Health Declaration:Before each visit and check-in, you must acknowledge and consent to Jukebox’s Health Declaration, provided to you by link following your reservation (1) hour prior to your scheduled check-in time. You will not be permitted to check-in if you do not complete the Health Declaration.

Limiting Studio Capacity to 33%:We will be limited to 5 people and you must book each visit in advance. There is also a waitlist available to sign up for if you'd like to be considered in the event of a cancellation. The waitlist can take up to 7. Please be respectful of other members’ needs and cancel your visit if you determine you are no longer able to attend. We will enforce stringent policies for clients who repeatedly miss their booked visits as well as a late fee.

Appointment Only:It is important that we have a thorough and efficient system to know who is coming in and out of the gym. Because of this, members will be required to reserve their space. This includes the teen program. The Zen Planner App must be downloaded (whether on a desktop, tablet or phone) in order to reserve class. ALL MEMBERS MUST DOWNLOAD THE APP. If there is no reservation, you will not be permitted to come in and there are absolutely no exceptions.

  • -  Reservations are open for a session until 3 hours prior. Once the 3 hour mark hits, the session closes.

  • -  For cancelations, please note: 7:15am and 8:15am sessions have a one hour prior cancellation policy. The rest of the sessions are two hours prior. Cancelations outside these set times will result in a $50 no show fee.

  • -  The Zen Planner app has been updated with the new availability. Downloading the app is the only way you'll be able to reserve a class so make sure you do that. Email us if you have trouble signing in or need a password reset email sent to you.

Temperature Checks : Mandatory touch-free temperature checks will be required upon each entry to Jukebox. If our devices show that your temperature is higher than 99.5 ?F (or any lower threshold in local guidelines), you will not be permitted access that day or allowed to return until you have been fever-free, and otherwise not had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection, for 3 days (or other time period specified in your health declaration). Jukebox may, in its discretion, offer to retest your temperature one (1) time. Participants that are feeling unwell must notify Jukebox staff immediately and will be asked to leave the facility.

HVAC/HEPA/MERV : An inspector has passed our system as certified for use with the top filtration that our system will allow. We use 2 air purifiers with Hepa Filters and Merv Filters in our new HVAC system.

Sanitizers and Hygiene : Please wash and/or sanitize your hands when you arrive and leave the club. Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the gym.

Check In : When you arrive for class, you will be assigned a designated spot and you may not move. Please listen to the front desk person to make sure check ins are done efficiently.

Cleaning : Cleaning supplies will be made available throughout the studio and equipment will be disinfected after each use. After each session, our hard-working but small staff will clean and disinfect the gym for 15 minutes, but cleanliness is a shared responsibility. You are required to spray down all of your equipment after use, dispose of used wipes and other waste in trash bins and, as always, treat our staff with respect and gratitude.

Mandatory Mask Policy : You are required to bring and wear a mask that conceals your nose and mouth, at all times while you are exercising. As stated in the CDC Guidelines, "Acceptable face covering for Covid-19 includes but is not limited to, cloth based face coverings and disposable masks appropriate for exercise that cover both the nose and mouth. Bandanas, buffs, and gaiters are not acceptable face coverings for use in gyms and fitness centers ."

Physical Distancing:Physical distancing of at least 6 ft (or as otherwise required by state/local law) is required at all times, please respect floor markings and any other visual cues that facilitate distancing at the front, on the turf and other gym areas.

Amenities and Mats : Please plan accordingly as we will not provide mats.

Personal Items:Please be mindful of how much you bring to the studio. Nothing is allowed on the floor other than water bottles and personal mats. We ask that you give each other space while entering, disinfecting and securing your belongings.

Communication:Of course this is something we've never faced before and surely there will be some hiccups here and there. If an employee or instructor is ill (or wakes up ill), a series of notifications will go out immediately including on social media (IG) and an email. It is important that you check your emails if you've reserved for the day. We'd hate for you to get all the way there just to find the doors locked. Don't forget to check spam!

Trust Safe : Through our relationship with the NY Fitness Coalition, we have contracted with a company called TrustedSafe to test and certify our facility. TrustedSafeTM is a monthly Certification Program that ensures that businesses are meeting current and evolving EPA and CDC guidelines to maintain the safety and health of their customers, clients, and employees. They have worked with the Department of Health to develop and institute cleaning protocols in schools and government facilities, and now they are working with us to make sure we continue to go above and beyond when it comes to our members.

We will be submitting to random tests, which will result in a letter grade, similar to how restaurants in the city are graded. Rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to show that TrustedSafe A Certification on the front door.

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