Look no further. this is your new home.
This spot is AMAZING. if you want to get a serious sweat on, get involved in a community of kickass fighters and warriors and fitness family, get one-on-one attention from a handful of equipped and skilled trainers and teachers... The group here is fierce and fun, not to mention the rad environment, and the plethora of amazing training toys and tools.

Carrie’s gym, Jukebox, is a female-owned powerhouse gem in the heart of Park Slope - can’t get any better than that.
🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

— Sam

If you want results and a good time, look no further! I used a Groupon at Carrie’s previous gym having no idea what I was getting into as a first time kickboxer, and there was no turning back. I followed her to her new amazing gym, Jukebox, and would pay top dollar for this!! She is motivating, teaches precision, and gives you an amazing workout. Coming from a dance background, I like the challenge of perfecting my technique and she is very attentive to those details - but she will also let you punch it out, which is another reason why I love her. Each class is different from the rest, the music is loud, (and it’s better to punch a bag than a person)!! Also, Mary teaches a slammin’ HIIT class with TRX, agility, and high intensity combinations that is not to be missed. Overall, there is a great community of people here and you feel and see results.

— Bria

I cannot say enough positive things about Jukebox! I actually look forward to class because I know I will get a killer workout in addition to a loving and supportive community. Carrie has cultivated an incredible vibe in the gym and makes everyone feel at home. She brings high energy, incredible wisdom, and she never gives up on technique. She will make you a better fighter both inside and out. Join our family!

— Erika H

Come here to be inspired, entertained, and become stronger. Carrie is an amazing instructor, and she has chosen other great people to surround herself with. Everyone who comes into the gym, whether to work or work out, brings a fun and friendly attitude.

— Justine

JUkeBox is a phenomenal place! It's run by Carrie who is one of the most fantastic people I've ever met. She's a highly experienced trainer who pays very close attention to each student and motivates all of us to push ourselves as much as we possible. Carrie is very supportive and attentive. She watches over us carefully to make sure that we improve our technique and don't injure ourselves. Carrie is incredibly funny, charming and has boundless energy. Every day with her is a special treat. Her music is fantastic and we're never bored. She motivates us to do our best every day. My daughter and I have been taking JB classes since the very beginning and we're completely addicted. We work hard and we love it! ........JB classes are highly effective at getting the students into a great shape fairly quickly, depending on the effort each person puts in. It's a great feeling to start the day by taking a JB class. JukeBox has helped me become fitter, stronger and healthier physically and mentally. It's given me more confidence in knowing that I have acquired skills to protect myself. It's a truly empowering feeling. I encourage everyone who reads this review to try Carrie's classes. You'll love them and will become addicted, just like my daughter and I did.

— Victoria

Jukebox has a strong welcoming community of instructors and members focused on positivity and doing your personal best that makes you WANT to come back each day. No other gym has ever been able to get me out of bed at 6 am multiple times a week. Carrie is energetic and engaging -- her workouts are never repetitive but will consistently leave you breathless. Classes are fun, atmosphere is great, drop in and see for yourself!

— Julie

JukeBox NYC is a really special place to work out and train. Owner Carrie is super motivating, and she inspires you to train harder, be stronger, and above all take pride in yourself no matter what your level of strength or endurance is.

— Barbara

Carrie's dedication and energy level are amazing. She is truly a great trainer who knows how to motivate and encourage everyone to do her/his best. She is also "responsible" for the special comradery that exists between the Jukebox boxers

— Jadranka

This is not the place for you if you're looking to slack off. If you're looking for a great sweat, challenging work out and feel like a true fighting champ, then this place is for you!

Carrie is so enthusiastic about boxing and her business it is contagious. I've come here three times and have loved every class! I'm so excited about this addition to the neighborhood.
Definitely worth a visit.

— Megan 

This a fantastic place, full of positive energy that will help you reach your fitness goals.  Carrie and her team offer high quality instruction that's always fun, challenging and empowering. Since joining in January 2019, I have learned so much.  And now I find that I'm not happy unless I go to class 3-4 times a week.  I'd go every day or twice a day if I could fit it into my schedule!

— Kimberly


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