JukeBox was brought to life by the mind and creativity of celebrity and fashion photographer turned boxer: Carrie Schechter. She has created an incredible 2 story high octane technique heavy boutique boxing club that thrives from a rich community of champions. Focused on community, unity, and ferocity, Jukers know we will always be in their corner.

Boxing is the ultimate full body work out with a potential burn rate of 13 calories a minute going head-to-head with other types of cardio like running and cycling. Plan to punch away anywhere from 200 to 400 calories (for a 140-pound individual) per half hour!! Not only does your body become a machine, your mind is constantly put to the test as you play chess with your offensive and defense. Jukebox gives you a solid fighting foundation, you are given a solid boxing education and a non stop killer workout. Plus you get a fire roasting burn in our conditioning segments. Everything is modifiable. Every week is a focus, weather its core week, or fast feet day, working the approaching shots, you are always working on new techniques in a fun and electrifying way.   

Carrie Schechter is the owner, founder, and content creator of Jukebox NYC and Carrie's FitLab. She is surrounded by her awesome team and proud to be the first woman owned boxing club in Brooklyn. 


Carrie is a wild child. She loves to be thrown in the fire and shares that inferno with her students. As a coach she will burn off all your days bullshit in 45 minutes, you'll find yourself coming through the other side clear headed and euphoric. She's a fun no nonsense coach that takes technique and burpees seriously. Origanaly focused on Thai Boxing and So Back Do Moo Do Kwan, she has focused all of her training now on Boxing. She is a brand ambassador for multiple clothing brands and a top notch coach building her team of champions.

Carrie gained her following coaching around the NYC/Brooklyn. At Jukebox NYC she has created a platform and a sanctuary for a boxing army, a community woven in heart and hope. As she frequently says to her students, "One person can make a difference, but united, together, we are the greatest threat to the machine." Join the Fight.